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    Top Line Home Remodeling

    Top Line Home Remodeling is a Bay Area Contractor specializing in Quality workmanship, Value and customer satisfaction
  • Welcome To 
    Top Line Home Remodeling

    Top Line Home Remodeling is a Bay Area Contractor specializing in Quality workmanship, Value and customer satisfaction

Our Services


Kitchen Remodelling

The kitchen is usually the most lively place in a household. The smells and sounds of cooking food, laughter from friends eating at your table, pots on stove tops boiling away- no matter what's happening it all adds up to one big party! - Get it done right with our Kitchen Remodelling services.
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Bathroom Remodelling

Functionable, clean, modern - A daring combination for our clients. People these days are wanting more from their bathrooms, and we are here to deliver it. Bathroom remodelling is a great way to add value to your home, with extra fixtures and sleek yet functional utilities. No-one is better suited for the job.
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Additions & Complete Remodeling

From outhouses to extensions - Looking to increase the square foot (and the value) of your home? - Go with our trusted Additions services - We help you get the permits and create something unique and stunning.
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Garage Conversions

With approvals for garage conversions going through the roof (mind the pun!) in the Bay Area - if you’re looking to take the next step and increase the value of your home, we are here to service your every need and requirement.
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Landscaping & Hardscaping

Breathtaking landscape designs & architecture - Garnish your newly finished home with a beautiful garden and you’ll always have a place to enjoy the sunshine.
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Decks & Swimming Pools

Looking to upgrade your house (and your lifestyle) to the next level? Install a full decking or patio, complete with our stunning range of swimming pools, and be the envy of all your friends and family.
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Bay Area home renovation contractor

It is always a difficult decision - which housing contractor to go with.
We know that a home is not just the place you live- it's an extension of your personality. We offer design-inspired solutions to create spaces in which you can thrive, and through our stellar reputation with repeat customers we are 100% committed to ensuring your happiness during every step of the process. Whether new construction, room additions, garage conversions (ADU), or kitchen remodelling; bathroom renovations and swimming pools; patio covers: no matter what project type we're passionate about designing for YOU!

Why top line home remodeling?


The details are the most important part of any remodelling service - and those details are what we focus on. We want to encompass your vision and give you the quality you and your house deserve


We know the problems with housing contractors and we seek to be completely different. After creating a process of streamlined design and implementation, we can safely assure you of our efficiency.

Customer Service

As this is your vision - we take a strict “the customer is always right” mentality. There is no power trips or last-minute changes - We will follow your vision to a tee.

Fully licensed and Fully insured

We feel this is an exceptionally important part of our methodology, and we are happy to provide any necessary information on our licenses and insurance.

Mike L Luckenberg

We live in Pleasant Hill and we chose Top Line Home Remodeling - They were very communicative, helpful, and… the most important thing. I LOVE MY NEW BATHROOM. If I had another remodelling project - They would be the first people I called!

Allen King

I didn’t need too much - Simply a repainting of some of the old wooden furniture in my house which was looking a little worn and torn. Top Line Home Remodeling’s team was great. They fixed the problems I caused by my DIY project and I love the effect they left behind.

Peter Hemsforth

I used Top Line Remodelling to convert a detached garage into an ADU and they also helped me overhaul my garden issues. Finding a contractor is always difficult, and I was lucky to stumble across them. After asking in various groups I was recommended Top Line Home Remodeling and the work I received blew away my expectations!

“Every one of our team members is dedicated to making sure that we're providing the best service possible. We take full responsibility for every project done under our license, and will personally pursue after complete satisfaction from each one of our clients.”

See what our clients have to say

Forget everything you know about customer service. We're not just the best at what we do, but also in how it's done! Watch this video and see for yourself our clients' reactions to our services.

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