Additions & Complete Remodeling

Various options are available for your space needs. You can add bathrooms, bedrooms, home office spaces and living areas. If you need more space, a 2nd story addition is also an option. An addition will increase the square footage of your home and promote future sales because it will be seen as desirable by potential buyers. Room additions provide an attractive feature

Adding a room addition to your home is the best solution when you need to accommodate new family members. It is also an effective use of space when you have children and want them all in close proximity.

When you build extensions on your home, they should be cheaper than purchasing a new property since there is less risk involved. This means that you will retain more of your savings and also know exactly what the proposed design is in advance. Building a new house offers none of these advantages.

You can add rooms to your home, install an ADU (granny unit), and improve the value of your property. Building or adding a new space has many benefits - it provides you with accommodations when guests come to visit, offers additional income if you rent out the space on AirBnB, as well as making it more attractive for potential

Having a home addition constructed for your family can greatly help when you need room to grow. We offer pricing to fit any budget and sizes that meet the specific demands of your project.

Top Line Home Remodeling

Top Line Home Remodelling will ensure that space is utilized and you will enjoy your addition for years to come.

Top Line Home Remodeling will be with you every step of the way.

From design, to permit, and inspections.

Rest assured that your project will go smoothly.
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